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Thank you for an amazing year! 2022 Year in Review + Prize Giving.

What a year we have all had! Thank you to each and every one of you for the wonderful year we have had in Basketball! Lots of growth, achievements, developing and improving ourselves in lots of many ways.

FBA has seen extreme growth this year and thought to highlight a few:

Programme/League Term 4 2019 Term 4 2022

7U Hoopsters 11 56

Girls Got Game 25 47

11U Academy 58

13U Academy 64

Senior Representative Players 76

Jnr Club Comp Teams 29 62

Snr Club Comp Teams 0 14

Mid Week Hoops 14 20

Secondary Schools 30 25


🏀 Total Players we have 1558. Broken down to 1109 Males and 442 Females.

🏀 Total Coaches is 47.

🏀 Total Referees is 35.

Thank you to you all for contributing to these awesome achievements. Without you all, we wouldn’t be able to continue to create opportunities for the Franklin Region in Basketball!


Franklin Representative & Development Prize Giving 2022

On Sunday with celebrated the achievements of Franklin Basketball. We acknowledged and recognised our Junior Development Academy Players as well as our Senior Representative players from 2022.

Junior Development Academy Awards:

11U Hornets - Coach Todd 11U Magic - Coach Sione

Most Improved: Jake Duehr Most Improved: Max Hei Hei

Defensive Player of Year: Frian Miguen B. Peña Defensive Player of Year: Jackson Gordon

11U Thunder - Coach Luke 11U Girls - Coach Simon & Sam

Most Improved: Caize Tollen Most Improved: Kalani Nakavulevu

Defensive Player of Year: Darby Reichenbach Defensive Player of Year: Koby Petrie

13U Boys - Coach Reuben & Mike 13U Boys Black - Coach Josh & Malachi

Most Improved: Brooklyn Stininato Most Improved: Brooklyn Ahu

Defensive Player of Year: Lenox-Leigh Ngaika Defensive Player of Year: Noah Otunuku

13U Boys Yellow - Coach Wi & Salle

Most Improved: Joel Martin-Hughes

Defensive Player of Year: Leo Sargent

13U Girls Yellow - Coach Corey 13U Girls Black - Coach Amanda & Jason

Most Improved: Mia Smith Most Improved: Chiara Rodriguez-Mackay

Defensive Player of Year: Sarah Spackman Defensive Player of Year: Sammie Bottomly


Senior Representative Awards:

15U Boys Black - Coach Joe & Sam 15U Boys Yellow - Coach Malachi

Most Valuable: Nathaniel Short Most Valuable: Zane Nicol

Most Improved: Joziah Otunuku Most Improved: Lachie Dillon

Defensive Player of Year: Braedyn Northcott Defensive Player of Year: Riley Fern

15U Girls - Coach Sam & Corey 17U Boys - Coach Jamie & Sione

Most Valuable: Sylvie Conroy Most Valuable: Noah Campbell

Most Improved: Kayson Belcher Most Improved: Payton Hughes

Defensive Player of Year: Tessa Cathcart Defensive Player of Year: Joseph Wilson

19U Boys - Coach Joe

Most Valuable: Te Tuhi Lewis

Most Improved: Will Leger

Defensive Player of Year: Caleb Fuller-Sandys

23U Boys - Coach Jamie

Most Valuable: Te Tuhi Lewis

Most Improved: Corey Perry

Defensive Player of Year: Reuben Tearle & Noah Bradley


Special Awards:

Most Improved Referee: Jack Walters

Leadership in Refereeing: Braedyn Northcott

Reliability to Refereeing (Snr): Brooke Taylor

Reliability to Refereeing (Jnr): Izzy Costar

Club of the Year: Waiau Pa Clarks Beach

Outstanding Achievement: Brody Perry

Club Coach of the Year: Ethan Campbell

Coach of the Year: Samara Funnell

Referee of the Year: Alana Tombleson

Manager of the Year: Lyndal Fonokalafi

Club Boy: Brody Perry

Club Girl: Izzy Costar

Congratulations to all our players, coaches, managers and supporters for a successful year of development!

Thank you again to the FBA Community for the ongoing support and commitment! Have a safe and joyful holidays and we will see you all in 2023!

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