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FBA x GoodSports Announcement & Update

Recap of background. How did we get here?

In Term 4 of 2022, FBA hosted a GoodSports planning day which was co-facilitated by Aktive Auckland & FBA Development Officers along with key members of the wider FBA Community including: Franklin Board Members,Club Coordinators and Lead Coaches.

The idea behind the planning day was to educate then create internal alignment regarding the GoodSports philosophies and how we at Franklin Basketball can create positive change.

What is Good Sports & Balance is Better?

"GoodSports is all about creating positive sporting experiences for children and young people. It does this by supporting and educating parents, caregivers, coaches, teachers and sport leaders, who all contribute to children’s sport."

"Balance is Better is about creating quality experiences for all young people to keep them active and in the game."

Why do we need this?

One of the key areas of our strategic plan was to conduct surveying and collect data to gain an understanding of the current state of the game in our community. The data we collated was very insightful and a huge contributing factor to some of the changes we have made.

An interesting section of our data collection was what the participants and players responded when asked - 'What makes playing basketball fun?' Of all those surveyed some answers were: “playing with friends, teamwork, playing games, learning”.

We would like to highlight that only 1, yes 1 participant answered “winning”.

Balance Is Better study: Significant national and international evidence supports the need for changes to youth sport.

"Sport NZ says that years spent studying the subject, and examining overseas models, shows young people are best served when their needs are put first. And the main motivation for young people to play sport is to have fun (76%) followed by hanging out with family or friends (44%). The fact is that sport is seen by many teens as another way to have a cracking good time. And if the fun goes, because the pressure and time demands ratchet up, they’ll be likely to follow."

League Rules & Adjustments (Systems and Structures)

Following our GoodSports planning day and surveys we conducted, the FBA staff got together to consolidate all the information and create a strategic plan for how we can create a better environment for all our participants & spread the GoodSports message.

A big part of this entire process was for us as a staff to dive into our current systems and structure and essentially vet the way we deliver basketball to our community.

Junior Club League 13U

  • Junior Club League (13U)

  • 4 x 8 min running clock quarters. Teams of min 8, max 12.

  • No competition points. Round Robin only.

  • 13U Div 1 - Shot Clock

Traditionally youth sport structure is a replica of what you see in major sport leagues, this however does not translate to youths physical and mental needs. We shouldn’t be creating a climate of performance when structuring junior leagues. The new changes to the leagues will help create a climate of development which better meets the needs of the participants.

From our point of view, we've done the research and the study, we've heard the voices and modified our league structure accordingly. We see these changes adding huge development opportunities for our players. And a more enjoyable environment and for all involved”. Jamie reddish (Franklin Basketball GM)

The Cost of Winning:

What else will we be doing?

This is just the start of a project that will take our entire basketball community. Change can be hard but is necessary for progress and we want to include everyone in this journey. In order to do this FBA staff will be working closely with club coordinators to plan the following:

  • Parent Education nights: Clubs will host community events where FBA work in collaboration to help deliver some information and messaging behind the Good Sports philosophy and how it helps you.

  • Coach development: Delivering Kiwi hoops clinics which have online courses that include a Good Sports module. Our new FBA intro level/coach induction; this is an online course for new coaches. FBA will also continue to host coaching clinics & workshops throughout the year to help coaches create the best environments for participants.

  • Good Sports ‘Champions’ Initiative: is designed to help grow the workforce that supports the Good Sports messaging. Clubs will have the opportunity to identify members within their communities to represent them as ‘Champions’ of Good Sports and be advocates of the philosophy.

How can you help us?

Be an active part of our community:

Come out and be a part of the various events we will be running throughout the year. Education nights, club open days and of course bring your good sports mindset to and from games.

Support the community:

Club season will soon be in full swing. The majority of the operations within the club structure are volunteer operated. We are always looking for more helping hands. Sign up to help your local club as a coach, referee, manager and don’t shy away from score bench duties.

Help create a new normal:

The end goal is that Good Sports aren't needed. We want to create an environment where we just do certain things as a part of our culture here at Franklin Basketball. It will take time however we need to ensure we bring everyone along for this journey, and part of this will be a ZERO tolerance approach.

If you wish to learn more about the GoodSports initiative we are rolling out, please get in touch with your local club coordinator or email

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