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As a basketball coach, you have one of the most important and exciting jobs when it comes to the growth of basketball - you'll be teaching habits that will stick with kids for the rest of their lives and whether you like it or not, you'll be setting an example and teaching kid's lessons about life (good and bad). Kids are impressionable, they pick up everything you do.  

Coaching basketball gives you an amazing opportunity to make a positive impact on players lives!  

Our goal at Franklin Basketball is to encourage volunteer coaches and give them a place where they can become learners of the game and also to share knowledge with other coaches.


Whatever your motivation is, coaching young players requires a high level of responsibility and maturity.

Franklin Basketball and Basketball NZ are pleased to offer a series of free in person & online interactive learning modules to help develop your knowledge, skills and confidence as a coach.


In Person Coaching Clinics

Continuous support with termly in person coaching clinics where any questions can be answered in the coaching community. 


Online Seminars & Working Groups

Online Seminars and Coaches Group that help create an ongoing support group, continue building connections and make our coaching community an active community. 


How to get involved?

Coaches are in demand as Basketball continues to be School Aged Kids #1 Sport in NZ. 

Reach out to us today regarding how to get involved!  

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